KAMAZ-master team on HARTUNG wheels

Reinforced wheels under HATUNG trademark, produced by CHKPZ PJSC, were supplied to KAMAZ-master sport team for rally support trucks. These support trucks work under extreme conditions: mountain spiral roads at the height up to 5 000 meters above sea level, high temperate up to 47°С, offroad conditions.

«KAMAZ-master team on HARTUNG wheels

According to Head of engineering department Andrey Ivanov, for KAMAZ-master team there was developed a reinforced wheel structure. To improve technical characteristics of wheels we decided to eliminate rubber closure elements, which secure leakproofness.

It is a special vehicle with exclusive standards concerning chassis. The aim was to produce reinforced pressed wheels with size 20x10 for tubeless tyres. This wheel structure was patented by CHKPZ 2 years ago and currently there no analogues in Russia.

«КАMAZ-мастер» на дисках HARTUNG.jpg

Our engineering department is constantly working under new models of HARTUNG wheels to meet our clients’ expectations. Our wheels with size 20x10 are popular with our customers and soon we expect to offer them such tubeless wheel modifications.

KAMAZ-master team on HARTUNG wheels

In summer 2016 KAMAZ, equipped with HARTUNG wheels, underwent certification tests on test track in Dmitrov. And in early autumn the truck was tested under severe Ural conditions. The partners agreed that the support trucks which will take part in Silk Road 2017 Rally will be equipped with HARTUNG wheels.

Images are taken from official website: www.kamazmaster.ru