Privacy Policy

I hereby when using website and its services (hereinafter referred to as Website) to the satisfaction of Federal Law dated 27.07.2006 г. (FL No 152 On personal Data) of own free will and volition I (hereinafter referred to as User) grant my consent to OVERLOAD LLС (TIN 5047181023/ RRC 744901001, PSRN 1165047051971) with the address Gorelova str., 12, room 9, Chelyabinsk, Russia 454012 (hereinafter referred to as Operator) on automated and non-automated personal data processing, including filling out fields in forms, hosted on the web site, in contact forms and/or by means of personal data provision otherwise on the following conditions:

  1. The consent is given on processing of the following Personal Data: surname, first name, patronymic name, phone number, email, user data (information on location, type of operating system, browser’s type and version, type of device, display resolution, transition to the Website, language of operating system and browser, opened windows and clicked buttons on the Website, including planned orders and purchasing history, IP address) as well as data, collected by web analytics systems, my personal data, which will become public during contracts performance (in case of transaction between the Company and me).
  2. All Personal Data provided is my own. I am notified that in case of alteration of data and untimely provision on such alteration of the corresponding Personal Data (e.g., phone number) material adverse effect may take place.
  3. Personal Data Processing is performed by the Operator and aimed at the Website User identification, provision of access to User’s profile, possibility of the Website usage (including its services), communication between the Operator and the User by means of provision Personal (contact) Data, including information on services, terms, procedure of their provision, prices and other support information; communication with the User on cooperation issues, monitoring and better performance of the Website, carrying out statistical and analytical surveys, the User activity analysis, better service quality and marketing campaigns as well as advertising, performance of transactions concluded by means of the Website.
  4. During the User Personal Data processing, the Operator may perform the following actions: acceptance, input, collection of Personal Data, storage (on hard and soft copies), amendment (updating, alteration), usage and transfer of Personal Data in order, envisaged by the Russian Federation legislation (including third parties); blocking, deletion, destruction of Personal Data;
  5. Herewith I am informed by the Company that the intended users of Personal Data are the Company’s employees as well as parties, engaged by the Company under the terms of civil contract. Employees and third parties, involved by the Operator, perform Personal Data processing in the volume, for aims and methods, envisaged by the present Agreement.
  6. I am notified that:

    • the present Consent to Personal Data processing is valid without time limitation, up to the moment of its revocation by the means of written request to the Company’s address (Skhodnenskaya str., 56, floor 7 office 33, Moscow, Russia 125363). Date of revocation is considered the date after the day when the written request for revocation of the Consent for Personal Data was handed over;
    • I have the right to get access to my Personal Data, claim for amendment (updating, alteration) of my Personal Data, as well as deletion and destruction of Personal Data in case of their processing by the Company, which violate legitimate rights and interests, the Russian Law legislation;
    • when the revocation of the Consent for Personal Data processing takes place, the Operator has the right to continue Personal Data processing without my consent subject to the Part 2 to Article 10 and Part 2 of Article 11 of the Federal Law dated 27.07.2006 г. (FL No 152 On personal Data).

  7. With the present Consent I confirm that Personal Data provided is correct.
  8. The present Agreement is valid without time limitation, up to the moment of its revocation.