HARTUNG keeps up with the time and among the first switch over to Electronic PTS.

Electronic PTS

These certificates are electronic documents for vehicles, machines for cross-country and other machines. They contain information on main technical characteristics, identification details of major units, all MOT tests, structures’ modifications, new owners, legal restrictions and road vehicle accidents, records on registration and de-registration. It appears when the document gets its unique number and then it is registered in the system.

Electronic PTS

Main advantages of Electronic PTS:

  • Owners shall not keep the paper copies of PTS and it will be impossible to lose them accordingly;
  • Electronic PTS can not be stolen or falsified;
  • There is no need to change passport when it expires as any quantity of owners can be listed in it;
  • Less time needed to register vehicles;
  • Any time one can request an extract from automated system of electronic PTS or knew the history;
  • In electronic PTS there will be data on recycling fee and compulsory third-party car insurance.

Switch over to electronic PTS is not mandatory – both formats are supposed to be used equally, while paper copies of passports will gradually go out of use.