HARTUNG is a group of Russian innovative companies, which develops projects in the spheres of transport machine building, robotics and system integration


HARTUNG is a Russian brand in the sphere of transport machine building. It incorporated rich manufacturing history and innovative approach.

The main manufacturing site is Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant PJSC.

Our positive reputation of reliable partners and experience in implementation of large-scale projects in the production sphere formed the basis for registration of HARTUNG trademark under which our products are manufactured.

Reputation of reliable partners and experience in implementing large-scale projects in the field of production served as the basis for the creation of the HARTUNG trademark, under which products are produced for the end consumer.

Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant PJSC starts to manufacture automotive components for Russian and CIS markets.


HARTUNG LLC is founded as an exclusive distributor of CHKPZ products under HARTUNG trademark.


HARTUNG LLC develops a new business segment - system integration and automation of production and business processes.


The first six-axle industrial robot manipulator Kopeysk is produced.


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Disks 23 May 2023 One-piece rims HARTUNG 310-533 mm HARTUNG 12.0 – 21 10/286 d222 ET100 wheel construction was improved thanks to the new production technology as a one-piece rim. The new rims are characterized by high strength and minimum runout in comparison with other counterparts of Russian production.
One-piece rims HARTUNG 310-533 mm
Disks 28 March 2023 Today HARTUNG turns 17! Our company has grown and developed, overcoming problems and gaining experience, – we have tried new approaches, searched for new spheres and discovered our path. During 17 years every day we FORM THE BASIS FOR MOVEMENT. Today HARTUNG turns 17!
Disks 23 March 2023 Reinforced rims for trailers with reduced mass HARTUNG OVERLOAD We are glad to present our new disc wheels HARTUNG OVERLOAD 11.75x22.5 10/335 d281 ET0!

All details, how HARTUNG engineers solved the task on reducing mass of the wheel by 9% and at the same time preserving the load 4500 kilogram-force, and how new wheels showed their quality during testing - in our new video!
Reinforced rims for trailers with reduced mass HARTUNG OVERLOAD